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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Today's Special: Ground Control to Major Tim

I'm not sure how I feel about this. This is the second time my bro Tiny Tim has featured prominently on MY blog. Is this simply because I'm a kind and generous kitty? Well, of course I am, but ultimately it's because that Tiny Tim keeps doing things to get attention.  And so the saga begins...

Today was Tim's very first vet visit in our hometown. He had all his tests, operations and vaccinations done down in Alabama before he came to us. And yes, yes, everyone at the vet office fawned over him. "Oh he's so cute." "Oh he has 3 legs." "Oh his name is Tiny Tim." Blah, blah, blah.*yawn* Anyway, I digress. Today he needed to go to the vet because his leg "nubbin" (as you can see I'm well versed in medical terminology) had a big scab on it and was a little bloody. Peeps were worried that maybe he had an infection and they believe it's better to be safe then sorry.  Thankfully, to make a long story short, Tim is totally fine. The vet believes that Tim is most likely licking his "nubbin" and causing all the trouble.  See what I mean about him always doing things for attention?  So...and this is the very best part...Tim has to wear one of those collars so that he leaves his "nubbin" alone. But I'm jumping ahead of myself by mentioning the collar. I'm just so darn excited about it! But, anyway,  if the "nubbin" still doesn't heal with Tim's tongue out of the picture, then an x-ray will be necessary to make sure the bone is smooth at the amputation site. He's got some antibiotics to take b/c it is a little bit infected and peeps have to put some cream on it to help it heal. I think that's all the boring stuff. Now on to the collar...

Are you in there little spaceman?
So after the vet, Tim came home. And let me tell you...I didn't know what was going on when I first saw him.  "Ground control to Major Tim. Take your protein pills and put your helmet on" (obviously David Bowie had met a cat similar to Tim back in the 70s with the name Tom) is all that came to my mind . I can't say for sure if Tim took his protein pills, but he definitely put his helmet on!!  Haha!  I simply couldn't stop staring at him. I didn't growl. I didn't hiss. I didn't meow. I just sat down and stared. My gosh he looked funny! I'm fairly sure he wasn't, and isn't, very happy with his current situation either.  I feel like I've hit the jackpot. When I woke up this morning I had no idea this day would turn out to be so hilarious. I mean, have you really looked at him? Even he can't believe his fate.

Ultimately, poor little Tiny Tim has to get used to his new space helmet because he's going to be wearing the fashionable headgear for a couple weeks (the lengths he goes to for Halloween are ridiculous!) to give his "nubbin" time to heal. I don't think he'll be able to hang on me during this time. Maybe he won't even be able to bite my tail. One can hope, one can dream. For now though, his excursion to the vet and his funny hat have worn him out. So he and I both bid you adieu until next time...



  1. I am so glad that Tiny Tim is ok!
    I had to laugh because my Cody had a cone when he was a baby and we called him "Space Boy" lol!!

  2. I think if I turn that pic upside down (where Tim is looking up and there is a Micky cup in the background), stretch his legs out a bit and....yep, I think he can still hang on you, he will just have to tip his head towards the ground. MOL!
    Mr Spaceboy can have a really cool Halloween outfit now. One giant step for catkind!

  3. I think he is growing on you Herbie! He is just so cute with the cone with out! And in the vets office, he like he owns the office! Glad you were good with him. MOL xoxox

  4. he he - he's so cute with dat little cone! (Sorry buddy, but you gotta admit it's cute on him!) M says she's surprised cuz it'a tiny cone compared to the one her kitty had to wear eons ago! It's good your peeps took him to the vet and got after the infection before it really got bad.

  5. EAT EAT EAT up whilst Tiny Tim is in the cone! Save yourself, man!

  6. OMC, I think I peed myself I laughed so hard. Ask him if he gets good tv reception with that thing on. hahaha Love the pic of you staring at him. BTW, it's called a stump, not a nubbin. hahaha I love you Herba xoxo

  7. Hoping dat Tiny Tim is getting better. I bet he gets really good reception with dat thing on. MOL Princess had a infection on her back toe that why she had to wear too. Mom took her to de vet and they gave her antibiotic and told her to wash the feet 3 times a day. Mom was doing this and wasnt helping, hence the collar. Mom was worried and had to use the powder to stop bleeding cause she kept biting at it. Finally mom changed the food Princesses was eating and it healed right up. xoxox

  8. Hi, what a great Blog! Thanks for sharing it wiff us, hope your Nubbin (Tiny Tim) is healing nicely. Have a fabulous day!

    Madison and Abigail

  9. i knows just how you feels... these little ones is always taking our attentions. AND our bloggies.