Main Course:

Welcome to my blog. This is just my little spot in CyberSpace to share who I am, what I like, what I don't like and all the crazy things that go on in my world. Feel free to visit anytime. My drive-in is open 24/7. xoxo

About Me:

I'm a "fluffy", food loving, lolly housecat extraordinaire. Also, around the dark alleyways of Twitter, I'm well-known for my cooking abilities. That's right, Herbie the feline chef. Quite apropro really - seeing as I have my own drive-in!

There are several things that I love in life. Most of all, my peeps. I know...I know... sickening huh? It's true though. They adopted me from a shelter back in 2006 when I was 2 years old. Second on my list would have to be all my friends on Twitter & Facebook. Again, sappy, but true. Third, FOOD FOOD FOOD! I would have put this first, but you know, I try to be a thoughtful feline. And last, but not least, my 8 brothers & sisters. I'm sorry, but I just can't put them above food. I love food 100% of the time. I only love my siblings when it suits me. I think that's all you really need to know to get us started. So feel free to visit anytime. We're open 24/7.