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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Felinus Poopus Constipatus

It's been quite awhile since I updated this blog and for that I am truly sorry.  I'm not one to play the blame game (although whatever it is, in most cases, Tim did it!  I'm sure of it!), but I really must blame my peeps this time.  They've been working on a project of sorts which has left me without much time to play on the computer.  Having said that, they feed me well, give me lots of love, great toys and my own window seat so I think it's best that I not complain too much.

Since my last update, a couple things of note have happened.  The first, involves me, so it's the most important and the one I'm going to talk about now!  The second, involves that project peeps have been working on which I'm going to talk about in my next blog post so...stay tuned.  It's quite a shocker!

You want to put a tube where???
In August, as many of you know, I spent 3 days at having 5  (yes 5!) of those trendy colonics! It all started one Wednesday evening when peeps got home from work. They noticed that my nose was extremely pink, I was a bit frantic and I was panting.  Peeps were pretty scared b/c they thought maybe I was having another panic attack (although they couldn't figure out what had upset me) so they called the vet and she also thought maybe I was having another attack so she told peeps to rush me to the emergency hospital.  So off we go!  Poor peeps.  I know the $$$$ were exploding in their heads.  But, as they told me on the ride over - "Herbie, you're more important than any amount of money," but they did wonder why I couldn't get something simple (and inexpensive) like an upset stomach! :)  So, we arrived at the hospital in a florish of frantic peeps and meowing travel case.  The emergency vet actually met us at the door b/c our vet had called over to alert them that we were coming.  Since everyone thought I was having another panic attack...which I almost died from last time...they were taking it very seriously.  I was whisked back to the emergency area and after the vets had a look at me we found out the awful news.  I was full of the poops!  From one end of my intestine to the other was nothing but poops!  It was obvious
Me with Felinus Poopus Constipatus
that I had a bad case of Felinus Poopus Constipatus...or, for those of you not versed in medical terminology...I was all stopped up! 
So I had to stay at the hospital...I mean spa... for two nights while they tried to get everything moving.  5 colonics later and...erm...I was still full of poops!  At one point the vet thought they might actually have to perform a small surgery to get the poops out, but peeps weren't willing to agree to that until everything else had been tried.  So the next step was some medicine, given through a tube that went in my nose (and was stitched to my cheek!  Pfftt!) and down my throat, that the vet felt had a good chance of working!  And sure enough...12 hours later...the poops came out and I was as good as new! :)  The only thing peeps have to say about the whole ordeal is that they MUCH preferred when my bowel movements were free! :)

A little thinner w/ stitch marks by my nose
The good life!
No one knows why I got so constipated.  It can often be more common in overweight cats.  I was on allergy medicne at that time as well so that might have had something to do with it.  Regardless, peeps don't want me to ever have to go thru that again and they believe, along with my vet, that getting rid of some of my pudge may be the first step.  Even if my weight had nothing to do with this episode,they know that I'll be healthier weighing a bit less.  So, peeps have changed our diet to all moist food (we used to have dry food for breakfast and moist food for dinner) and my weight loss has been amazing.  I'm certainly not thin, but I have lost some weight without even trying.  Even better, I'm alot more active now and even happier. :)

Until next time...