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Monday, August 23, 2010

Today's Special: Five Questions and Five More

Back in June, the lovely Shiva and Jaya challenged me to answer five questions they asked, then come up with five questions myself and challenge 5 of my friends. As most of you know, June, July and August have been extremely busy months for my family and I. Between getting our old house ready to sell, having panic attacks, packing, moving, getting a new sibling etc etc etc, I haven't had time to do this. So, now that things have calmed down a little bit, I wanted to take the time and answer their questions.

Question #1 from Shiva and Jaya: Are you in love? What is the kitty's/doggie's name? 
This is a difficult question because I'm in love with many things. I love my peeps. I love my friends on Twitter and Facebook. I love food, laying in the sunshine and my new house. But...ultimately I know what Shiva and Jaya are asking I'm not in love. I am, without a doubt, a confirmed bachelor for life. But, if I were to ever change my mind there is indeed one...kat...who makes my heart beat just a little bit faster. She knows who she  is. :)

Question #2 from Shiva and Jaya: Are you picky when it comes to the noms your human(s) serve(s) you?
This question makes me laugh. I mean, you know who you're asking???  I'm really not picky in the least. I'll happily eat just about anything peeps put in my bowl. Now mind you, I feel that my peeps feed me really delicious food. Maybe if they fed me food that didn't taste so darn good I'd turn my nose up at it. But as of yet, except after my "boarding incident" when I was sick, I've never passed on a meal. And if I'm honest, I usually eat my meal and if I can get away with it, I also help my siblings eat their meal. No one can ever say I'm not helpful!!

Question #3 from Shiva and Jaya: Is there any music that hurts your kitty/doggy ears so much it makes you go meow or whoo?
This is a difficult one for me, because there's nothing I dislike more than talking about music I hate. So...suffice it to say, there is alot of music that hurts my ears, however, I'm very open-minded overall when it comes to listening to music. I don't feel there's any way to truly appreciate music without listening to all that the world has to offer (painful though it may be.) I don't like alot of it. Or even most of it. Much of today's popular music is vile beyond words. Having said that, I'm very fortunate to live with peeps who have excellent musical taste in my opinion. Around my house we listen to some current music (Eminem and Lady GaGa come to mind), but also lots of older stuff. The Smiths and Morrissey are our favorites. Others that really get me purring are bands like The New York Dolls, Jobriath, T. Rex...the list goes on and on.  Without the joy of music, the world would be a wretched place.

Question #4 from Shiva and Jaya: If you ruled Planet Purrth, what would your policy look like?
Just let me say...if I ruled Planet Purrth, there would be lunch for every animal! I've talked to many over the years and lunch is the forgotten meal for us. Peeps eat lunch so why don't we?  I know many of you have shared your "lack of lunch" frustrations with me and I've heard you. Together we can make a change!  Together we can bring lunch to our bowls!  Who's with me?

Question #5 from Shiva and Jaya: Winter, spring, summer and fall? And why?
I've always been happy that I live in a state with seasons b/c on some level, I enjoy them all. Winter brings the white fluffy stuff that I love watching fall from the sky. Spring brings beautiful colors, lots of birds and bugs that grab my attention. Summer brings the smell of newly cut grass and the delightful cool air that comes from the vents in the house and finally fall (autumn) favorite season...brings a special warm, homey feeling.There's just something intangible in the air that I love. It's a time for beautiful weather, holidays (and the meals they bring) and to just simply be thankful for all that we have.

And here are my five questions:
1. When it comes to food would you consider yourself more a fan of savory or sweet?
2. If a genie came to you and granted you 3 wishes, what would they be?
3. If given the choice would you rather read a book or see a movie? Why?
4. If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you and your peeps would buy?
5. What one place would you love to travel to more than any other? Why?

I challenge the following 5 friends to answer my questions:

See ya next time for a tour around my new house!