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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Today's Special: Meet Tiny Tim

This is a 12 week old kitten.
This is a 12 week old kitten with only 3 legs.
This is a 12 week old kitten with only 3 legs that is becoming part of my family.
Any questions?

Well questions or not, I'm going to tell you the whole story as it was told to me this very morning by my peeps. Pfftt!  Let me start at the beginning...

As some of you know, I was quite suspicious yesterday because my peep was talking to our BFF for most of the day and I kept hearing things like "3 months old," "only 3 legs," and "needs a home." BFF lives in Alabama. BFF gives us things. By "things" I mean homeless, abandoned kitties in need of a good home. The last "things" we got are named Louie and Petunia. They've been my siblings for almost 3 years now and we love them very much (don't tell anyone I said that).

So yesterday, BFF contacted my peeps because there was a little kitty that desperately needed a home. For now, said kitty shall be known as Tiny Tim. It's the nickname peeps have given him. Once we meet him and get to know him, peeps will officially name him, but for Tiny Tim.

Tiny Tim is the kitten of a feral mom cat living in a colony in Alabama. He was born without a back right paw and without part of his back right leg. He would have never survived in the feral colony so a very nice person rescued him. When she took him to the vet at 6 weeks old, the vet thought that euthanizing him would be best b/c it was unlikely that anyone would want to adopt him. Alabama has a HUGE amount of stray kittens so one little kitten with special needs probably wouldn't fair too well up against all the "perfect" little kittens looking for homes. Thankfully his rescuer just couldn't bear to let him be killed. She had rescue contacts and hoped and prayed that she could find him a home even though she knew...the odds were against her.

Fast forward to yesterday - 6 weeks after Tiny Tim was rescued. He is fully recovered from his surgery (he needed to have the remainder of his back leg removed and he got his stitches out yesterday), he's totally healthy and ready to run, jump and play like the kitten he is. And his foster mom is ready to start trying to find him a home. One of her rescue contacts just happened to be our beloved BFF.  As soon as BFF heard abt the little 3 legged kitten that needed a home...she thought of my peeps. And sure enough...they were up for the challenge of taking care of a special needs cat. So, Tiny Tim is no longer homeless. He's no longer a stray. He's a part of our family now. :)

He's due to arrive here on 30 July. Until then he's staying with BFF. He's one lucky little guy! And yes, 30 July is moving day! So it's going to be a busy day for peeps, but a rewarding one. It's been many, many years since peeps have had a kitten. They always feel guilty at the thought of adopting a kitten from a shelter because kittens always find homes so easily whereas the older cats sometimes have more trouble. So...peeps never really thought they'd have a kitten again which makes this even more exciting for them. And they're also delighted that he's arriving on moving day because they're hoping to just kinda incorporate him into the lump of cats moving into the new house. Haha! Good luck with that peeps! I've got your number and I intend to tell the others what you're planning! ;)

So for now I'm going along with this. You know how it is...keep the peeps happy. As they told me all abt Tiny Tim this morning I looked at them with my big green eyes and fell over. Well played! They bought it hook, line and sinker. However, once the little tyke gets will be time to teach him the ropes around my house. No eating my food, no sleeping on my window seat etc etc etc. As long as he follows along and doesn't try any of that cute kitten stuff on me, we'll be good. But you better believe...I'll be watchin' him...