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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Today's Special: Firebathing

I've always considered myself a cat with his paw on the cusp of the latest popular thing. I'm not saying I necessarily like said thing, just that I'm aware of it. However, having said that, my newest obsession, firebathing (similar to sunbathing yet obviously different), seems to be a well kept secret.  Mark my words, within weeks I think this craze will be sweeping the world!

As most of you know, we moved into a new house over the summer.  This house is great!  We all love it so much.  One thing that peeps were looking for in a new house was this new-fangled mechanism called a  fireplace. They wanted this in the family room.  I didn't really understand why they were so set on it, but now that we have it...I'm not sure how I lived without it. It's a simple little thing really.  Box in the wall, switch above it. Nothing really to write home about until...peeps flip that switch.  These beautiful orange flames jump up and this delightful warmth pours out.  Like all good things though, firebathing has, as I've learned, its own set of rules and regulations. I will try and relay those here, through my own experiences, so that when it takes the world by storm you will all be in the know!

Strategic Planning
As you can see in my picture entitled "Strategic Planning", when the switch is flipped, I am immediately enthralled. I gaze longingly into the fire, calculating my next move. It's obvious that, in this particular case, a certain 3-legged sibling needs to vacate the firebathing area for me to choose the spot I would like. The tricky part peeps. If I forcibly remove 3-legged sibling (my plan of choice), then I will get in trouble. What to do, what to do?  Ultimately, I didn't have to make the decision because 3-legged sibling moved on his own. Kudos to him for doing the right thing!  My plan of action is to get to the fire as quickly as possible. With 3-legged sibling out of the way, one would think my journey to the fire would be easy right?  Well, with 7 other siblings to contend with (many also interested in the art of firebathing), I find that nothing is ever easy.  If, for example, one of them were to have the unfortunate notion of being in my way when I make my move toward the fire, I would have no choice but to run them down. If one (hypothetically speaking of course), were to choose a spot that I wanted, I would be inclined  to slap, hiss, growl or (my favorite), simply lay on silly sibling until they opt for a different spot. The important thing to remember is that my spot is where ever I choose...most often closest to the fire but it depends on my mood at the time.

Lazy Firebather
Now I'd like to direct you to my next photo entitled "Lazy Firebather." As you can see, I have chosen my spot and settled in quite nicely. I have put my front legs up and stretched my back legs out for maximum fire exposure of course. However, in this photo, I really must direct your attention to my sister Polly.  She has really outdone herself don't you think? She has found actual firebathing lounging equipment in which to more fully enhance her firebathing experience.  Assuming firebathing takes off as I think it will, I'm sure that similar lounging equipment will be available soon, in a store near you.

Firebathing With A Friend
In my final photo, "Firebathing With A Friend," I'd like to point out not only a different position (this one optimizing back exposure), but also the fact that I have brought a tiny red and green friend along with me. Sharing your firebathing experience with a friend is an excellent idea. This particular friend smelled of catnip and I was more than happy to share my spot with him. Also, my brother Louie has joined me for this session. As long as I'm able to have the spot of my choice, I have no issues if my siblings wish to take part as well.

I sincerely hope these tips and suggestions will help to improve your future firebathing experiences. If, as you begin your journey, you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask. There's nothing better than knowing that all my friends are enjoying the wonderful art of firebathing as much as I am.

Until next time...