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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Today's Special: Along Came Polly

This blog post begs a certain question. Whose blog is this? Last time I checked, it was mine. Herbie. Me. But yet here I am again, taking up my time to write something about one of my sibs.  It wouldn't be so bad if I just had one or two sibs, but with eight...this could go on forever!  Forgive me for what some may think are just my paranoid delusions, but I feel there may be a conspiracy involved. And I'm going to point my paw at the usual suspect. I'm not going to mention any names here but...he has three legs.  You get me right?  It's just a little suspicious that ever since "suspect" has taken up residence here, "suspect" has been the topic of two blogs and now another sib, Polly (who could easily be in cahoots with "suspect") gets to be featured in a blog...

Cue flashback music:

Polly is the oldest of the 9 of us.  She was born in Feb 1999 and came to peeps in May of 1999 at 12 weeks of age.  She's pure Turkish Van (and a DIVA - wait - who said that?).  As a general rule, peeps don't normally adopt pure breed cats. Nothing against them or people who adopt them, but peeps just prefer to adopt cats from shelters. But...many years ago, peeps had a very good friend who was a breeder of Turkish Vans so...along came Polly.

Yesterday peeps noticed that Polly didn't seem to be feeling like herself...again.  A few weeks ago she'd been feeling under the weather too. The vet decided it was a virus that simply needed to work itself out.  Sure enough, a few days later, Polly was back to her old (Diva) self.  But yesterday Polly was once again showing similar symptoms, so peeps called the vet this morning and took Polly in for a check-up and some fluids.  Peeps try to act quickly because Polly loves to get sick on the weekends. I think she does it b/c she's jealous that I got to go to the "special vet" when I had my "boarding incident" back in June.

You see, we're very lucky that we have a very special veterinary clinic just down the road from us.  They work in conjunction with various regular vet clinics throughout the country.  People come from all over to have their pet taken care of  at this "special vet."  You can only go there if your regular vet refers you or in cases of when I was so sick back in June or when peeps had a cat treated for cancer many years ago.  They're open 24 hours and they do just about everything there (emergency medicine, surgery, cancer treatment etc) and they do it extremely well. It's an amazing place! But...they have a very simple fee structure that frightens peeps. This is how peeps explained it to me: when you walk in the door, that's $1000. After that, just figure on an additional $1000 per day.MOL  So when peeps see any of us getting sick near a weekend, they quickly call our regular vet and try to get us taken care of so that we don't have to visit the "special vet" on Saturday night or Sunday when our regular vet is closed.  Now don't get me wrong, peeps will do anything they have to do for us to be happy and healthy, but they'd rather avoid the "special vet" when we really only need to see the regular vet.

So back to the diva...I mean Polly...she's hilarious in her own way. Her bark is much worse then her bite.  She loves to growl and hiss at just about everything, but it's all just for show. Underneath it, she's a very sweet cat who loves to snuggle and be held.  One thing I've always really admired about Polly (aside from her color and markings) is her ability to open just about any door or drawer in the house. This has often proved quite valuable for me if peeps happen to be hiding treats or food behind said door or drawer.  Mind you, I thought her talents were limited to the house, but after seeing the video my peeps showed me, obviously her talents are far reaching!  Thankfully peeps were able to extract her from the drawer (three times!) and the vet was able to take a look at her. Seems that Polly is indeed dealing with the virus yet again.  According to the vet, many cats have been coming in with similar symptoms recently.  Polly was given some fluids and is now happily resting in a cabinet upstairs.  Vet will check in on Monday and if Polly is still feeling bad, then we'll go from there.  Hopefully she'll be back to herself before we know it!

Until next time...


  1. I hopes Polly feels betterz rilly fast *softpaw*

  2. TW got the giggles when she saw the video. I hope Polly feels better soon. Did she get tested for Bartonella? It's going around, you know. Ever since you changed the blog format, you seem to have lost control of the blog. Get it back, Herba. I'm advising you as a furrend. Put your mug, er, picture all over the background.

  3. Awww, I do hope Polly will be okay. your peeps are wise to take her to your regular vet right away. Dat special vet sounds a lot like my dentist!! Love that video of Polly. One smart cat. M's first cat could open drawers too. He's open the drawer with a hook on it, then pull it open, and he and the dog would have a feast! Nice of you to share your blog with Polly tho Herbie, since she's the oldest and is sick. You are a good brother. Just don't let dat tiny tim dude take it over completely.

  4. So this is where you been hiding. MOL Well I know exactly how you are feeling. Left out, happening here too. Lil Pepe is getting alot of extra attention, just cause he is soooo cute and ohhh so adorable. Pffft Vengence is mine! OMC It is Lil Pepe this and that, makes me feel so quesy. Love the video though and how Polly opening de drawers. I is good at that too, however Lil Pepe is getting de hang of it too. I got big plans for de little guy. MOL

  5. We're purring Polly will be well soon. Love her sweet expression!

  6. hope you feel better soon, Polly. and YIKES, that special vet is pricey!

  7. I am a bit behind on my blog reading (obviously). I love the utensils in your background, but I think it would be cool if your cute little Herbie head is on the round end of each handle. There would be no doubt who's blog this is MOL.
    I hope Polly is all back to her Diva self.