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Friday, September 3, 2010

Today's Special: 5 More Questions

Yes, I'm back again...answering more questions. It's tough being a celebrity! Heehee! Come to find out, many weeks ago, my BFF Cathy Keisha asked me 5 questions as well. Somehow I missed my name when I read her blog so...since she is my dear friend, here I am to answer those questions.

What is your favorite brand and flavor of cat food?
Peeps serve us Tiki Cat. I don't have a favorite flavor. I truly love them all. Tiki Cat is a canned food made with human-grade whole-food ingredients. It's pricey, but delicious.

 Which TV character, past or present, are you most like and why?
This is an easy one. I would have to say what others have said before. Newman from Seinfeld. First of all, we absolutely love Seinfeld in our house. We all think it's the funniest show to ever be made.  There are so many days when peeps will say "I feel like I'm having a Seinfeld moment." Specifically, there are many reasons why I've been called Newman. First and foremost...obviously...I'm a little on the rotund side.  Second, I love food. Finally, I'm a sneaky and devious little cat. I can't deny it. HerbsNewman I am!

How would you change the world?
I kinda answered this one in my last blog (we need lunch!!) so I'm actually going to answer another question that was asked (as a joke) - but actually appeals to me.

Who is your favorite serial killer? 
Well, it's funny that Cathy should ask b/c my peep is actually fascinated with serial killers. Not the act of murder so much, but the thoughts and processes that take place in the killer's brain. I can't tell you how many serial killer TV shows I've sat thru and how many serial killer books I've laid on.  Overall, for sheer shock value, we'd have to rate Jeffery Dahmer as our "favorite." Let's face's just not every day that someone like him comes along.  And thank god for that!

How do you work your claws?
Personally I'm a carpet man myself. I normally don't scratch at furniture too much, but I go crazy with the carpet. I especially love doing it when I get excited.  When I'm playing sometimes I'll just take a break and give the carpet a good what for!  I really am a model cat aren't I? My bros Riley and Louie on the other hand are furniture men. Peeps have often said that Louie is the sweetest cat in the world, but also the most destructive!  He can fluff up furniture in mere hours. And I won't even discuss the time he ripped the drywall at our old house chasing a tiny spot on the wall.  Peeps were...less than impressed. ;)

How did you start tweeting?
Peeps came to me one day and told me about this thing called Twitter. Since it had nothing to do with food, napping, playing or snuggling, I really didn't care. But as always, I humored them by looking at them and pretending to pay attention. Once they showed me how Twitter worked though, I have to admit, I enjoyed it. I started out just kind of tweeting various thoughts and happenings in my life. I didn't realize there was such an incredibly kind and fun anipal community out there. As I went along I started looking for other cats to thing led to another...and twitter life began. :)

And that's my five questions answered! Technically I should think up another 5 questions for 5 more friends, but since I would like to do a blog soon that doesn't involve me answering 5 question...I'm going to conveniently ignore that technicality. Haha!  I'll be back next time with a tour of my new house as promised.  I can't wait to show you all where I live. It's great. :)



  1. Geeesh - you would have to bring up Dahmar (he gave our state a bad name). He was a scary, sick person!! Serial killers & why dey do what dey do is an interesting subject. M is always curious as to why dey do what dey do too. We is looking forward to your pics of your house.

  2. Herba, thanks for answering my questions so forthright. It figures you'd pick a serial killer who ATE his victims. We love Seinfeld at my house also. Hope you haven't scratched up my blue rug. xoxo

  3. Uhmmm serial killers? eek, I didn't know you had such a dark fascination.

    Our family has enjoyed Seinfeld as well - H-E-L-L-O Newman, oh I mean Herbie. MOL

    That Tiki Cat food must be an East Coast thing, never seen it out here on the west coast. Does it have pineapple & coconut? Looks like it's exotic.

    Love you laptop pic!