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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Today's Special: The Shaved Tummy Issue

First and foremost I'm here to make a confession. I'm a sensitive cat. Why you ask? How do I know this? Well, let me start at the beginning and tell you the whole story...

A few weeks ago peeps' real estate agent gave them a call about a house in our current neighborhood that she thought would be perfect. The peeps were in the process of getting ready to start renovations on our current house - which we all love. Well, peeps went to see this new house and low and behold, it was indeed perfect. Peeps fell in love with it...mostly because they felt it would be wonderful for us. Not only is it bigger, but we'll have a room just for our litter boxes...which we'll access thru a kitty door!  And there's a place in the master bedroom that will be just right for a brand new kitty tree!  Be still my heart! A kitty tree! I can't wait! I can't wait!

So, to make a long story short, the peeps made an offer to this house and the house accepted it.  At first I was worried the peeps had offered it my food, but since that time I've come to learn that they didn't. Whew! So we are officially moving! As soon as this offer was accepted and lots of paperwork was signed, the peeps went into overdrive to get our house ready to go to the market. Or maybe it's on the market. I can't keep all this real estate mumbo jumbo straight!  It was a frantic time! One of the hardest things they had to do was...gulp...board us so that people could come look at our house and hopefully want to buy it. It was a really hard decision for peeps to make.  They did not want to board us. They even looked around at extended stay hotels or short-term apartments so that we wouldn't have to be boarded. But the end...boarding was the only option. With heavy hearts they inspected a few places and found one they really liked just 5 minutes from our house. It had these really nifty glass condos and each condo held two cats so none of us would be alone. So...they made the reservation and dreaded the day when we'd have to go. That day finally came on Friday 11 June. Peeps packed us up that afternoon and off we went. They got us all settled and left for a few hours. The boarding place already knew that peeps would be coming to visit us every day and they'd be feeding us dinner.  Sure enough, 3 hrs later peeps came back! And boy I'm glad they did...

When peeps arrived they opened up all the condos to let us out. But when they got to my condo, they found me in the bottom, foam all around my mouth and throw up everywhere. They were terrified...and so was I. They could see that I wasn't feeling well at all to say the very least. They got me out of the condo and I started panting so they quickly called the vet, explained the situation and the vet said that they should bring me right in. So into the carrier I went and off to the vet. On the ride over, I really started scaring my peeps b/c they thought I was going to pass out. They could see I was "out of it" and just drove as fast as they could to get me help. Once at the vet I was whisked into an exam room, quickly checked over and taken to the back to an oxygen cage. They set me up with an IV and waited to see if I would stabilize. Vet said as far as she could see, I'd had a panic attack and gone into shock. It was the shock she was worried abt. She said...I might not make it.

Fast forward abt 45 minutes later and I had stabilized and was ready to be transported to the local emergency hospital b/c I needed 24 hr care right now. So with one peep carrying the IV bag that was attached to me and the other peep carrying me we made our way out to the car and drove to the emergency place.  Once there I was admitted and taken to the back for all sorts of tests. I had blood work done (which all came back perfect may I just say!), x-rays taken (which showed "something" in my intestine - hopefully just inflammation) and finally I had my tummy shaved  (I'm not pleased abt this!) for an ultrasound which...thank god...did indeed just show a bit of inflammation probably caused by the stress and vomiting.  I spent that first night in an oxygen cage in the critical care unit.  It was a LONG night for peeps as they waited by the phone. They finally got the good news abt the ultrasound results at 2am!!

For the rest of the weekend I stayed at the emergency vet slowly getting better and better. On Saturday evening I was transferred to the standard unit and peeps visited me twice every day. I was always so happy to see them. I'd eat when they visited and then just cuddle up with them b/c I was so exhausted.  I charmed all the techs and vets there too so when it came time for me to leave Monday evening they were sad (but happy that I was better) to see me go.

So now I'm at home again and we have a contract on our house!!  Whoopie! Overall I'm feeling pretty good. I still haven't gotten my appetite back fully and I'm sleeping a little more than usual. Peeps actually took me back to the vet today (Saturday) to make sure I was ok. I am. Vet thinks I might have a little virus or sinus infection now. I probably picked it up at the hospital when my immune system was lowered from the stress. So I've got medicine to take for the next week and then, hopefully, I'll be back to my old self! :)  Well, then again, almost my old self. I still have the shaved tummy issue to deal with! I'm drafting the complaint letter this very week ;)



  1. What an ordeal!!! pssst; I knew you were a sensitive one; but will keep it a secret, MOL! Feel better and try to relax; you know there is something about gray and white kitteh companions, mama says, that makes you guys extra special; purrs; mews; hugs to peeps! We love you Herbie!

  2. Oh Herbie, I held my breath when you said the vet mentioned you might not make it. What a horrible ordeal indeed. Your poor peeps too! I hope your meds knock that infection out of you. Don't worry about the shaved tummy. You are a lovely shade of pink and it is summer after all.
    I bet you haven't even had the appetite to eat the cake I sent you. I hope your peeps put it in the freezer. It will be ready for you when you feel better. xoxo

  3. Love ya Herbie. Pffft on shaved tummy, but you look good! Would love a look at complaint letter on shaved tummy, MOL! At least you are feeling better! I am very relieved, you are very dear to me. XO

  4. Oh boy, Herbie!!! I didn't know you where doing sooooo bad!!! I'm glad to hear you're better now and I'm happy about your thoughtful and caring peeps!!! I'm sure, your appetite will be back to normal soon and that shaved belly is more than stylish!!! Do you think I should give it a try too??? I love you!!! XXX

  5. Oh my G! I knew you had a really rough time, but had no idea you almost didn't make it. Oh buddy! I si so very happy you are getting better now. We has leaky eyes again just thinking about the possibility of "no" Herbie. A manly HUG for you pal. Don't worry bout the tummy, it's cute a pink. purrring for you to get all better. Love you sweet guy. (I'ts okay to be sensitive - I am too.) oh, hehe, M says she bets the bill almost rivals my toothie ordeal!

  6. Oh Herba, my little wimp. Those pics of u with ur extra fave peep are so precious. My peeps wish I would do that. That panting and stuff almost sounds like what happened to Nicky. I'm so glad u made it b/c I can't imagine life w/o my Herba. We need u more than Rosie! xoxoox

  7. oh my cod, what a drama! verreh glad to hears you are getting better now. these beans do not know just how important they are to us. i have terrible anxiety myself and totally flip out when my mommeh leaves me. i has never been boarded though, yikes, i do not know what i would do... hopefully the rest of the move goes a little smoother. glad to meet you, stop by my bloggie sometime.

  8. How scarey! I'm sure glad to hear you're feeling better. And congrats to the whole family on the new house!


  9. We so glad you ended up good! We luv u much.

    Shiva & Jaya

  10. i'm glad you are ok now.
    that must have been very scary for you.
    but don't worry, your tummy looks lovely!

    maya and harley xx


  11. Oh dear boris you pore pore thing! how horribuls for you to haz that happen. I'm so happy you iz getting betters and efurrything is gonna be okai *purrr*

  12. OH MY GOD! I knew it was an ordeal for you Herbs but I didn't know you were hovering at the entrance to RB. Mum was having palpitations when she read that part out to me. You folks musta been so scared.
    I'm so very glad you're ok now...BIG kisses to a brave little man Xxx

  13. Hello Herbie,
    I'm Tiny Tim's Aunt Kathy and wanted to reassure you that he is a well behaved kitta! You and your peeps are so lucky and blessed to have him as a member of your family. I'll be keeping an eye on this blog for updates.