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Friday, May 13, 2011

Today's Special: Bring Your Cats To Disney Day?

As many of you already know, my peeps LOVE to travel.  Two years ago they took a Mediterranean cruise to Italy, Greece, Turkey, Egypt and Israel. It was the highlight of their life. doesn't allow for these 3 weeks cruises every year so there are lots of other places my peeps enjoy visiting.  A big favorite of theirs is Disney World. And Disneyland. And a Disney Cruise. And to the movies to see a Disney movie now and again.  Are you seeing a theme here?  Since we live on the east coast, they most often go to Disney World because it's only 2 hours away by plane. It's like a home away from home for them. Not because they want to meet a princess or a big yellow bear named Winnie. They don't even care that much about meeting a BIG mouse named Mickey.  As far as I'm concerned, this makes them certifiably crazy! Have you seen the size of that mouse???

Peeps are telling me how big the real Mickey Mouse is. Wow!
For peeps it's just a place to relax and take a little breather from life. Peeps always say "Herbie, how many places can you go in this world where you see a child AND their parents skipping down a street?" I never know what to say when I'm asked that question.  I'm a house cat. I go upstairs and downstairs. I sleep on the couch and lay in the sun. I will admit that when I look out my front window (which I do quite often), I never see any people skipping down the sidewalk so I'm assuming my answer would have to be"not many places." That's my best guess anyway. a house cat that gets left behind whenever peeps visit this "land of magic" (are you sensing the bitterness?), I felt the need to finally ask them just what it is that they like so much.  Here's what they told me:

Ice Cream Cone with ears!
1. Food! Food! Food! - I'm proud of my peeps for this one. Apparently, there are tons of different restaurants serving every type of food imaginable.  Their favorite place to eat is Epcot. Italian, Chinese, Japanese, name it, it's there!  They're also big fans of things like ice cream, funnel cake, know, the important things in life. ;)

2. Laughter - Peeps love laughing and they do alot of it at Disney World. They feel very carefree there. Not a worry in the world.  Whether it's relaxing by a pool or riding a favorite ride...there's always something fun to do.  And none of it includes work!

3. Relaxation - Peeps find Disney World very relaxing...even though they swear they walk miles and miles every trip. Does this sound relaxing to you?  I'm really wondering if my peeps are right in the head.  But, variety is the spice of life so if peeps want to relax by walking until their legs fall off, I guess that's their choice.  Personally, if I were in Disney World, I would be lounging in the sun when not chasing the big mouse, so we obviously have different priorities, but I try not to hold it against them.

4. Get To Be A Kid Again - In many ways, my peeps are like big kids anyway so it makes sense to me that they'd like a place that makes them feel even more silly and goofy.  Get it?  Goofy? Oh I am on a roll now!!

Main Street at Disney World
The one thing peeps always say is missing from these all of us.  They're still hoping for a special "Bring Your Cats to Disney Day."  They think it would be so great to walk down Main Street with us.  What a sight that would be!  Every time they say this I giggle to myself.  Most of us, being the pampered house cats that we now are, can think of nothing worse.  Obviously peeps would have to drive.  I have panic attacks staying in a luxury boarding facility, so I'm hardly going to handle flying on a plane very well!  So...let's think about this:

1. Two peeps and nine cats in a car for 15+ hours. Even if all of us were happy (not a chance), it would be a little taxing on peeps. Peeps wouldn't be able to stop and go to the bathroom because mark my word...someone (Bellatrix is my best guess) would try to fly out the door every time.  They also wouldn't be able to go to a drive-thru for food. Have you ever tried to eat food in close quarters with nine cats???  So at best peeps would arrive very hungry with their legs permanently crossed.  At worst, they would arrive very hungry with embarrassingly wet pants.

2. Two peeps and nine cats in a hotel room for a few days.  Again...not exactly relaxing.  With the 9 cat carriers, 3 HUGE litter boxes, 9 food/water dishes, the cans of food and the toys, there really wouldn't be any room to move around. I guarantee someone (Petunia) would claim the bathtub as their hiding spot so peeps wouldn't be able to shower.  The rest of us would most likely claim the beds sleep for peeps!

3. Two peeps trying to get nine cats into leashes on the morning of the "Bring Your Cats to Disney Day."  Enough said.

4. And finally, two peeps and nine cats walking (I use this term loosely) down Main Street.  What I envision is two peeps (covered in band aids) walking and nine cats getting belly burn as they're dragged along the asphalt.  The happy, screaming children would be a big hit I'm sure.  Considering Max hates any type of loud noise, I don't think he would survive this.  His eyes would get so big they'd pop right out of his head!

So as you can see, peeps haven't thought this through.  It would be a nightmare!  Although we miss them when they go away, we love our pet sitter and we're happy in our house with all our smells.

Riley is trilled with his present - can't you tell?

When they get back, they always have lots of hugs and kisses for us and sometimes they even bring us presents. Most often it's some special Disney cat treats that we love, but one time they brought us special Mickey ears!  Poor Riley...I mean lucky to wear them first. ;)

My Christmas Mickey t-shirt - Pfftt!
And, they won't let me forget when they brought me back a Mickey t-shirt.  They gave it to me as a Christmas present.  Everyone else got catnip toys and bags of treats while I ended up with this crummy t-shirt! I didn't like it at all and peeps took it off soon after this photo was taken thank goodness.

Knowing peeps as I do, when they get back from their next trip, they'll start talking about that "Bring Your Cats To Disney Day" again.  I know they mean well.  It's just that they miss us and wish they could share all the things they enjoy with us.  So...I'll just meow...fall over...and love them all the more.

Until next time...


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAH! That Mickey Mouse t-shirt just made my day—maybe even my year! Hope you at least scratched them up while they put it on you. You look like Cartman, without the hat! HAHAHAH! BTW, your peeps can get all the food they want—every cuisine you can think of—in NYC. As an added treat, they can bring you back little bedbugs as prezzies. Can't wait for that "Bring Your Cats to Disney Day." HAHAHHAH!!! *wipes tears from eyes* BTW, I need outtakes from the "Cartman" photo shoot.

  2. Leave it to Beaver to resolve this taxing issue. Peeps need to 1. Rent or buy one of those big RV's, they are like a home on wheels. There is lots of rooms on those things, you would have all your creature comforts in it. Option 2. Another option would be one of those big tour buses like the country & western stars use. Peeps wouldn't need bathroom breaks and they have kitchens in them as well. One condition though is if they do this, you will need to swing by and pick me up! I see the stars of Disney World in my eyes. MOL

  3. I have to say I love the mickey mouse shirt hahaha your soooo cute!! I agree with having a cat tour bus or rv for all you kittehs then you can all travel would be fun and nice and you get all the noms you want! Still some of your smells be there coz you bring stuff from home....hmmmm hhahaha ty for making me laff and smile. have missed you xoxoxox

  4. Hey Herbie, since your peeps keep wanting to take you to people places, and you obviously do not want to go there, I think they should take flat Herbie. Who is flat Herbie? peeps can make a life size poster of you and carry it around with them. They can take photos with you all around the world. They will be happy showing off photos of flat Herbie's travels with them and you will be home, nomming away and laying in the sun.

  5. Oh Herbie, theese are all very good(and funny)points you bring up about potential cogs in the wheel of "Bring Your Cats to Disney Day". I mean, my Human says she can't blame them for wanting to take you guys with them because Disneyland is such a special place. She hasn't been to Disney World but she went back to Disneyland a few years ago after only having been there when she was 12 and said it was as magical as when she was little. She kept going on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride over and over and over. Anyway, good for your peeps that they go to Disney when they can and that they enjoy it so. Great post, we really enjoyed it.

  6. i was habbing teh same thoughts when my mommeh wented to sees teh big mousie last year... these beans is crazeh, dude.

  7. I think Au would like that giant mouse :-)

  8. You know the peeps are always having such fun and they bring back these shirts, that - ah, sorry to tell you - they aren't doing a thing for ya! Hahaaaaaaaa christmas shirt? really? oh its one of those half shirt things, isn't it? haha poor Herbie! haha miss you - i see I am really late reading this by a year ! Hope Mom is doing well! So excited!

    peeps having all this fun and you getting a tshirt - that's so wrong! MOL Hope you get a big giant MOUSE next time!