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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Today's Special: Call Me Housepainter Herbie Please

I'm determined that every post won't be about food so...I thought I might tell you about my newest endeavor. I know it won't be nearly as exciting as roast chicken and cake, but not every day can be filled with those unbelievably good things can it? If your answer is a resounding "Yes it can!", then please get in touch with me sooner than immediately. I'd like us to make plans for me to move in with you.

My peeps have been ripping the house apart lately doing something they call painting. At first I didn't really understand it. Obviously it was one of those "peep things" that I simply put up with because, well, I love them. They started with the dining room a couple weeks ago. They moved all the furniture (which was actually quite good for one reason...I found a long lost favorite pack of tissues which I have now been playing with daily.  Whoopie!) then climbed around with various "tools of the trade" and complained each night about how tired they were.  Not exactly my cup of tea, but different strokes for different folks right? I tried to get involved as best I could. For example, I politely walked thru the full-of-paint roller pan to let them know that I was onboard and fully supportive of their silly plans. This caused quite a bit of excitement on their part. There was running and yelling...which caused me to run and yell too! As I said before, I always try to get involved. Unfortunately it ended in me having my paws washed in the powder room sink. Pfftt...

I heard much talk of a faux finish that peeps were going to put on the bottom of the dining room wall. I've come to learn that faux means fake so peeps were planning to put a fake finish on the wall. Ok... Who am I to judge right? As long as I don't get faux food or faux treats, I'm good.  So anyway, after hearing about this faux finish, I immediately thought...I can help with this. I ran to the proverbial drawing board and came up with a finish that I thought the peeps would really enjoy. Hair of the Herbie.  With a mixture of spring shedding and wet paint, Hair of the Herbie would take mere minutes to accomplish and in my mind's would look stunning.  Let me just say that peeps did not enjoy my idea in the least. After they put the faux finish base coat on, I attempted to begin my hairing. Similar to the "walk thru the roller pan event", there was yelling and grabbing. Fine! It would have looked amazing. Although what they eventually chose to do does look very nice I suppose.

At the current time, the peeps are finishing up their second room, the family room. As always, I'm trying to help as much as I can.  I did a complete inspection of their trim painting earlier. Peeps appreciate it when I give things my Herbie Seal of Approval. I know they depend on my keen sense of detail and honest evaluation.

The most irritating aspect of the family room was the addition of the loud spitting machine which left the carpet moist. The dining room is hardwood floors, but the family room is still carpet. Peeps hate it and are planning to have hardwoods installed sometime soon. But, since the furniture was already moved out of the room for painting, they decided to steam clean the carpet. Pfftt... I did not enjoy it one bit! Every time I walked in the room, my paws got wet. Urgh!  Would it have really been so difficult for them to put up a small cat-sized sign that said "WARNING: WET PAW AREA. WALK WITH CAUTION"? No, I don't think so. To me, it's the little things that count.

As you can see, I've been extremely busy these last few weeks. Managing my peeps is a full time job. Thankfully this weekend they are not doing any painting. The horrible spitting machine will be back, but it will be cleaning carpet upstairs so I can stay down in the family room and relax in the sun. I need some relaxation. It's not easy being me...



  1. Oh Herbie - you are so delightfully funny. You must be a stitch to live with. Maybe you should move in with me cuz it gets pretty boring around here! We could really stir up some mischief.

  2. Herba found a sun puddle. Just don't vacuum up any of my tiles, if you know what I mean. Someone is jealous that he doesn't have a mosiac yet.

  3. MMMMMMMMM in looking at your picture, Herbie, I must caution you to slow down on the food testing; err; ah; you know first hand what can happen! MOL

    Love the job peeps are doing; what would they do without your input; you have wonderful taste!

  4. Purry good Herbie! Now let me get you in on the ultimate seal of approval, its da kitty butt. You gots to sit dat ol kitty butt down in some wet paint, then continue to seat yourself where you approve of da peeps work. Dey will get da kitty butt seal of approval!

  5. You sound every bit as helpful as my cat, Bogey. He simply must have his wet little nose in every activity. When you can, stop by and see us!


  6. Herbie, you made me exhausted just listening to all the work that you have to do around that house. The walk through the paint pan sounds like great fun. It sounds like something that we would love to do. And the faux fur finish sounds purrfect too. We love your blog and certainly will be back to visit a lot. We can't wait to hear about your next adventure. Have a great day.

  7. your doing a good job supervising, love hearing you pffft. ha ha! but good you can relax this weekend, hopefully keep FSP going or i along with Hoover will starve! Missed u. XO